Basic Study on Plastic Debris Deposit in the Mangrove Area

Khiri Reach was able to raise funding to support the project Basic Study on Plastic Debris Deposit in the Mangrove Area conducted by researchers and students from Kasetsart University by providing the essential equipment to aid/facilitate the team.

This project addresses environmental issues related to plastic waste while ensuring community involvement throughout the process. In the final stage, the results of the study will be shared with the community and the government.

Their activity routinely collects data on the types and amounts of plastic debris found in mangrove areas of the Kampuan Canal, Suksamran District, Ranong Province, especially along the canal. They aim to gather information on plastic debris, investigate the sources of plastic debris, and develop a system to manage plastic pollution occurring in the mangrove area, thereby reducing impacts on marine animals. Their objective is to establish guidelines for reducing plastic debris deposition in the mangrove ecosystem of the Kampuan Canal, Suksamran District, Ranong Province.

Their ultimate goal is to maintain food safety standards and promote ecotourism activities in the mangrove areas of Thailand, starting with this pilot study area.

**This project is funded by Sawadee Reizen**


In February 2024, The team at the Andaman Coastal Research Station for Development, Academic Research, and Support Centers received the equipment sponsored by Sawadee Reizen. This equipment will aid them in conducting field surveys along the canal using kayaks as vehicles. Sawadee Reizen also supports the equipment to facilitate the process of media production and knowledge sharing through various media channels.