Physiotherapy Touch Care

Physiotherapy Touch Care is an independent physiotherapy practice that handles both pediatric and adult patients with all conditions requiring physiotherapy treatment to restore optimal health. Physiotherapy Touch Care also provides services for underprivileged children with disabilities who need integrated treatment to achieve optimal development, enabling them to become more independent in their lives.

They provide 2 services:

  • Pediatric Physiotherapy: Pediatric physiotherapy is physical therapy specifically for children to diagnose, treat, and manage conditions affecting children or infants. It is useful in addressing delays, disorders, and abnormalities in movement and function in children from birth to adolescence.
  • Adult Physiotherapy: Adult physiotherapy is a treatment used to restore movement and function when someone is affected by injury, illness, or disability. It can also help reduce the risk of future injury or illness. Physiotherapy assists through physical rehabilitation, injury prevention, and maintaining overall body health and fitness.

Khiri Reach Indonesia donated funds to cover regular therapy sessions for the children at Physiotherapy Touch Care in Mataram, Lombok, totaling IDR 4,710,000.

We are supporting the therapy for 3 children:

  1. Am*** (8 years old) with Cerebral Palsy Diplegia
  2. Az*** (10 years old) with Cerebral Palsy Hemiplegia Sinistra
  3. Bu*** (11 years old) with Mental Retardation

Each of the children will receive 8 therapy sessions per month (2 sessions per week).

** According to Khiri Travel’s child safeguarding policy, Khiri Reach will blur out pictures and censor the names of those who can’t give consent for their pictures to be posted online, to respect their privacy **