Boat donation in Sumba

In the absence of bridges, particularly during the rainy season when floods raise water levels, school children face a safety risk and are unable to attend classes. To navigate the rising waters, they often resort to wading across the river, sometimes partially undressed to keep their clothes dry.

This donated boat will prioritize the needs of school children living along the Kambaniru River, particularly in Kiritana village. It will provide a crucial means of safe transportation, allowing them to get to and from school, and will also benefit farmers by enabling them to transport their produce across the river.

Khiri Reach Indonesia has facilitated the donation of seven boats to several villages in Sumba in 2024. These boats address the lack of bridges connecting the villages, ensuring children can attend school year-round. During the rainy season, rising river levels previously made it impossible for children to cross safely, hindering their education.