Painting the wall of the Northern Region Welfare Center for Mentally Retarded Persons

On May 2024, our Northern Thailand Khiri Reach Ambassadors, Naphat, along with staff from the Chiang Mai Branch office, and local tour guides from the Northern region participated in a donation event.

The primary objective of this donation was to provide the Northern Region Welfare Center for Mentally Retarded Persons in Chiang Mai Province with high-quality wall painting supplies, including several tanks of white paint, brushes, rollers, and other necessary materials. This contribution is intended to assist in the renovation and beautification of the facility, thereby creating a more pleasant and inspiring environment for its occupants.

Our staff and local tour guides actively participated in the donation process, helping to unload and organize the painting supplies. Their involvement not only facilitated a smooth handover but also fostered a spirit of teamwork and community engagement.

During the visit, we had the opportunity to interact with some of the beneficiaries of the welfare organization. They expressed their excitement and appreciation for the upcoming renovations. Their positive feedback reinforced the importance of this donation in contributing to their well-being and comfort.

** According to Khiri Travel’s child safeguarding policy, Khiri Reach will blur out the pictures of those who can’t give consent and permission for their pictures to be posted online, to respect their privacy **