Empowering people with disabilities

During June 2023, PUSPADI Bali formed a partnership with Khiri Reach, a collaborative program aimed at providing wheelchair assistance to individuals with disabilities in Bali. The beneficiaries of this program are 16 individuals with disabilities who directly receive the wheelchairs, as well as their families who indirectly benefit from the program.

These 16 wheelchairs are standard recycled wheelchairs provided to support their daily activities such as work, school, and community engagement. The aim is to enhance their self-confidence, mobility, and independence, enabling them to navigate their daily lives with greater ease and more independence.

The direct beneficiaries of this program are 5 women and 11 men. Among them, there is 1 child, 3 teenagers, and 12 adults. In terms of occupation, there are 3 students, 4 part-time workers, 7 entrepreneurs, 1 farmer, and 1 livestock farmer.


PUSPADI (Bali) is an incredible organization dedicated to empowering individuals with disabilities and helping them fulfill their aspirations. PUSPADI helps challenge misconceptions surrounding disabilities, particularly among rural communities where such beliefs persist.

PUSPADI’s focus lies in enabling mobility by providing wheelchairs, customized prosthetics, and essential life skills training. They also offer job placement services, fostering independence and self-sufficiency.