Sunshine Village Phuket Foundation

During May 2023, Khiri Reach donated 14,000 baht to the Sunshine Village Phuket Foundation for renovation of the day-care toilet. 

In the aftermath of the Tsunami that hit Phuket on 26.12.04, members of the Lions Club of Phuket Andaman Sea decided to be involved in a longer term project to help the victims of the tragedy. Helping Children in need became the main objective of the Club, and the idea of creating a village slowly began to grow.

At the moment, the Sunshine village is constantly caring for approximately 90 children in a family environment. Their aim was to provide an atmosphere for the children which would be as close as possible to a normal family life. One of priorities was to give the children a good education that would enable them a better future as they grew into adulthood.

According to Mr. Franco Ferri, Director of the Sunshine Village Phuket, the renovation project of the daycare toilet began in April 2023. The Khiri Reach donation came right on time, as it was long overdue for an upgrade”. He described in the email: “The toilet was in a poor state. It suffered from mold and the tiles, after nearly 16 years, had become quite unsightly. Additionally, the wall color had faded away, adding to the overall gloomy atmosphere.” 

Further information of the Sunshine Village Phuket: