Buddha Jayanthi Child Development Center in Sri Lanka

In April 2023, our Khiri Reach Ambassador and Khiri Travel representatives paid a meaningful visit to the Buddha Jayanthi Child Development Center situated in Kegalle, Sri Lanka. During this visit, they extended their support by providing essential provisions like dry rations and meat items, considered a rare luxury for the children residing there. This generous in-kind donation was valued at approximately $300.

The Buddha Jayanthi Child Development Center is a registered orphanage under the SG/PCCS/KG/2017/12 code. Established on the 1st of July in 1962, it primarily serves as a safe haven for needy girls. The center’s mission revolves around furnishing these girls, approximately 50 in number, with a roof over their heads and access to education, nutritious meals, proper sanitation, and essential healthcare. The girls who find refuge here often hail from troubled backgrounds, having endured mistreatment, abuse, or harassment within their own families, or they may have tragically lost their parents. While government authorities have partially supported the center, their financial situation has grown increasingly precarious since the economic crisis of the past year, making it difficult for them to provide for their charges adequately.

Khiri Reach is committed to strengthening its partnership with the Buddha Jayanthi Child Development Center, with a particular focus on enhancing girls’ access to education. This collaboration aims to improve these vulnerable children’s lives and future prospects.

For more detailed information about the center, you can visit their official website at https://www.acbc.lk/portfolio/buddha-jayanthi-child-development-center/.