Buddha Jayanthi Child Development Center in Sri Lanka

In April 2023, our Khiri Reach Ambassador and Khiri Travel representatives in Sri Lanka visited the Buddha Jayanthi Child Development Center in Kegalle. They brought along the visit with dry rations and meat items (which is a luxury for the children), worth approximately 300$ as an in-kind donation. 

Buddha Jayanthi Child Development center, a registered orphanage under SG/PCCS/KG/2017/12. This is a children’s home for girls established on 01st July, 1962 and is dedicated to providing residential facilities, education, nutrition, sanitation, and health care for about 50 girls who need assistance and support. Most of the girls at Buddha Jayanthi Child Development come from backgrounds where their homes are not safe for them as they have been bullied, abused or harassed by their family members or are orphaned. Although this is partly managed by the government authorities, since last year’s economic crisis the funds they receive are minimal and are struggling to manage.

In the near future, Khiri Reach will develop further collaboration with the Center, especially for improving their accessibility to education. 

Information of the Center: https://www.acbc.lk/portfolio/buddha-jayanthi-child-development-center/