Rainbow Village

Khiri Reach in Indonesia have been supporting Mrs. Aisyal Odist, a local woman in the old fishing village of Ampenan in Lombok, for her efforts to transform her home community into a caring and beautiful neighborhood. The village was once a riverside slum and has now blossomed into a colorful area aptly named Rainbow Village. Her initiatives included 52 people working on a daily basis. Most of them come from the poorest family. 

There were many activities organized by her initiatives. The Waste Bank was an effort to not only educate people about waste but also invite people to upcycle and turn the waste into beautiful crafty products. Additionally, she also organized free English classes, composting workshops, local dance classes and music performances. Interview with Aisyal showed that her initiative was in need of an English teacher. 

With contributions from partners, Khiri Reach Ambassador in Indonesia managed to recruit an English teacher. The monthly salary for the teacher was sponsored under Khiri Reach program.

In 2023, even though the support for English classroom by Khiri Reach was accomplished, the Rainbow Village and activities of the Waste Bank by Mrs. Aisyal Odist remain going well.