Burmese Star Tortoise Conservation Center

The Burmese star tortoise, originally from Myanmar’s dry zone, is critically endangered, necessitating immediate protection. The Minzontaung Wildlife Sanctuary actively breeds and reintroduces these tortoises to their natural habitat.

Preserving the Burmese star tortoise is vital due to its role in the region’s ecosystem and biodiversity. The sanctuary’s efforts in breeding and releasing these tortoises are essential for their survival and environmental health.

Khiri Reach Ambassadors supported the conservation center by establishing a visitor center and providing staff training, enhancing its educational capabilities. Khiri Travel promoted the sanctuary in overland travel products between Bagan and Mandalay, educating travelers and ensuring the sanctuary’s sustainability.

In 2022, the center relocated near Bagan Lawkananda Sanctuary, with Khiri Reach committed to supporting the project in 2023. This collaboration underscores Khiri’s dedication to protecting endangered species and the environment.