Seagrass Restoration Project

This Seagrass Restoration project main goal is to transplant one hectare of seagrass within a year, ensuring the long-term survival of seagrasses. The project also involves conducting research on seagrass restoration. Over the coming years, OCEA aims to inspire future major projects in other areas to restore seagrass meadows, thereby supporting Sri Lanka’s climate, fisheries, and coastal livelihoods.

Sri Lanka has 14 seagrass species to choose from, but OCEA focused on ribbon seagrass (Cymodocea sp.) and turtlegrass (Thalassia hemprichii), as they are the most common species and thrive around Sri Lanka’s coasts. OCEA tested planting seagrass plugs using various techniques, and the latest technique appears to be a promising way to re-establish seagrass in shallow coastal areas. The lessons learned from these trials are now being applied in a larger scale trial, aiming to plant one hectare within a year.

Since December 2023, Khiri Reach has been committed to Sri Lanka’s first major Seagrass Restoration project by OCEA (Ocean Conservation & Education Alliance) in Kalpitiya. Khiri Reach committed to supporting 0.5 hectares of seagrass restoration for one year.


In November 2023, our Khiri Reach Ambassadors and the staff in the Sri Lanka office volunteered at the seagrass restoration project managed by OCEA and were joined by two knowledgeable researchers there.