Bagan Plastic Campaign

Unfortunately, plastic waste and waste management are still some of the most pressing issues in Myanmar – but Khiri Reach started cleaning up! When it comes to the waste and plastic problems, the first step is collecting the trash itself. Mr U Tint Swe the owner of Nanda Restaurant set up the local initiative named ‘Bagan Plastic Campaign’.

First, the initiative received a garbage truck, which helps them to get started: Every weekend, the truck collects waste from cafes, restaurants, local tour operators, hotels and locals all over Bagan. Besides the collection of waste, volunteers support the project by implementing community awareness campaigns and getting locals to join in the activities, whilst raising awareness about the negative impacts of plastic on our health and the environment. The community now has an eco-brick project up and running, which provides free and strong building material.

From 2017 to 2020, Khiri Reach has sponsored 4 full time garbage collectors with a salary of 100 USD per month. But volunteers and visitors can get involved if they want! A common cleaning day is held every Saturday, open for everyone to join and help. With not many recycling facilities in Myanmar, there is hope to create local community workshops where all plastic can be broken down and be reused. This would not only prevent landfills and burning, but help solve the plastic pollution problem for good and create an additional source of income for local communities.