Floods in Laos

On July 26 2018, Southern Laos was hit by a devastating failure of the Xe- Pian dam in Attapeu, where thousands of people lost their homes and many lost their lives. The news was so shocking that Khiri Travel in Laos and Khiri Reach started with donations to the victims. We have delivered 500 supply packages (such as dry foods, water, blankets, medicine etc.) to the most affected people in the region.

Then in early August 2022, heavy rains hit Laos countrywide followed by a tropical storm that caused widespread floods in North, Central, and Southern Laos. The Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare released an official report on 15 August 2022 that eight provinces (Huaphan, Xayabouly, Borkeo, Luangprabang, Vientiane Capital, Salavan, Savanakhet, and Champasak) were affected. The rainfall brought widespread flooding and landslides causing roads to become impassable, water and electricity supplies have been cut and many residents evacuated. Khiri Travel in Laos, Khiri Reach, receiving financial contributions from 02 tour agents (Nyhavn Reizen and ATJ) quickly mobilized our local staff to provide necessities to the affected people in Muang La District, Oudomxay Province. Together with local authorities, we have bought and transported blankets, pillows, mosquito nets, mats, sheets, rice and medicines.